Wednesday, November 19, 2014

NaNoWriMo Update Nov 19

Wow! It’s the third week of my NaNoWriMo and better health journey and time for my Wednesday update again.

Health is still on the mend. Bronchitis and I have one of those relationships where it just loves to hang on and I would love for it to go away. The unseasonal cold weather the last week kept me indoors, but things are warming up back to normal, which should help the coughing, too. But I have managed, somehow, to lose a few pounds and keep them off in spite of the more sedentary week.

The writing, on the other hand, was terrific!

I had my best writing weekend ever! I wanted to reach a minimum of 5K for the weekend. Since that would put me a little shy of 22K, I was hoping to do those last 300 words to get me to that total.

I did it!

As of yesterday, I even officially passed the halfway mark! I’m at 25,102 words as I write this post.

And I had my best single writing day ever! It’s not easy for me to come close to that target of 1667 a day, which is one of the reason’s I’m nowhere near the 31.6K that would be day 19’s target. But I have had a few days over 2K. And Saturday I got to 2.9K! I was thrilled.

Some people are only participating to reach that brass ring of 50K, and others just to develop the habit of writing. Some are inspired by competition, racing each other to a daily goal or the overall finish line. But the only competition I find inspiring is me; competing against myself to reach new personal bests.

And I did it!

So no matter whether I reach the 50K in the 12 days left or not, I win.

Your turn. If you’re participating in NaNo what about it is working for you? And whether you’re participating or on the cheer squad, what kind of competition drives you?

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