What is this blog about?  

To put it simply, it’s about things that inspire me, and experiences I've had on my journey along the road of being a writer. 

I don't have a list of best-selling novels as long as my arm. Nor have I taken hours of creative writing courses. I am not an expert in any way. 

So why should you care? 

If you’re reading this About page, you’re at least curious - and that's reason enough in my book. My hope is that by sharing some things that touch me and that I learn along the way, I can in turn inspire you.

But there's more to it than that. 

Everyone has something they can contribute. You never know where that next idea will come from. Experts can learn from students. Even if you've never called yourself a writer, maybe a question you ask, or a comment you share will help me or another author traveling this road with us. 

Maybe we can teach and inspire each other. 

Now that would be awesome!

A little bit about me. . . 

I’m a healthcare worker who has always had several creative hobbies. I love to inspire others one on one, but I am so introverted I’m just this side of hermit. And that introverted side has used the creative stuff to recharge, or even as an escape.  

The stories have always been there, floating around in my mind like mental movies or as a way to change the world around me; even if only for a short time and only in my imagination. It wasn't until recently that I decided to write any of those stories down. But share them with others?  

You've got to be kidding! 

That wasn't in my realm of either reality or imagination until a friend pulled and prodded, asking when they were going to get to see something I’d written. I finally showed them, not expecting a very enthusiastic response. To my surprise, the answer I got back was “You better keep writing, because I want to know what happens next!”  

Then the detail-loving side of my brain started nudging me; telling me that if it was worth doing at all, it’s worth doing right.  

That means not only putting my stories out there, but also putting myself out there. 


The introvert screamed, “NO!” 

The creative dreamer said, “Art and stories are meant to be shared.” 

The logical side said, “It makes sense,” and even explained why. 

If that sounds a little crazy, don’t worry. Crazy is normal for a writer. 

So feel free to travel this road with me. And I hope that somewhere along the line you find a golden nugget or two in my musings; something worth taking with you on whatever journey you are on.

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