Friday, August 4, 2017

Writing Prompt Day 7 - What Revolution Will You Lead?

In the traditional sense, I don’t want to lead one. As an introvert, leading a large movement, trying to bring about social change, does not sound like something I would love at all! That sounds more like torture.

However, if I look at “revolution” from a different perspective, as “a transformation”, a “metamorphosis”, then the picture changes. In that sense, I can lead a revolution of ONE. I can bring about change in myself.

As I noted in the end of the day 6 prompt, I believe we influence others just by the way we live even when we’re not trying to. So by leading that revolution in myself, I will affect others even if they never tell me.

Here are some of the ways I can imagine that happening.

I can continue to practice the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle lifestyle and journal about it in the Inner Circle online community. I can also continue to encourage others in that community. By doing that, I continue to grow in my competence level, and expand the knowledge I can share. Sharing even the things I struggle with will help someone who reads my posts later and I will be leading them to bring about a transformation in their health.

I can transform my yard into a sustainable garden. The butterflies and bees that benefit won’t be able to speak to me to tell me they appreciate my efforts. But seeing them flit around the flowers, noticing one or two at first later become a bush filled with them. . . these things will help those populations. And if, by sharing photos of my garden, writing about it, or just having it be a beautiful spot that someone sees as they drive or walk by my home, I educate someone or influence them to try it in their yard, then I have, in effect, led a revolution.

I wrote once about the “Metamorphosis of Mindset” and how I was beginning to change in several ways and looking at different avenues to explore and expand on my hobbies. That mindset change helped me win a body transformation contest. More than that, it IS helping me grow even more now because I am open to “What IF. . .”. I don’t know what further change it will bring, but I know it WILL. In that sense, then, I am leading my own revolution.

Transformation does not have to be on some grand scale; it just has to be change.

So all I have to do is change me. I will in turn affect someone I encounter even if I never know about it.  I don’t have to be a rushing waterfall that erodes rock to affect change. I can be like a single drop of water hitting the calm surface that starts ripples reaching out in ever widening circles.

I don’t have to lead a major social change to lead a revolution.


This ends the 7 days of writing prompts from Live Your Legend’s writing challenge. I hope sharing them led to you think about some of the same questions and even write about them yourself. If you did, please share some of your thoughts in the comments on each post. Better yet, if you have a blog of your own, feel free to share a link. I’d love to see how others approached these prompts.

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