Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Writing Prompt Day 5 - What is Your Elevator Pitch?

This elevator pitch prompt is killing me.

I have looked at articles online, including the Live Your Legend site, with suggestions for creating one. I’ve looked at my taglines, bio blurbs, etc. across multiple social media platforms.


I thought about my hobbies and all the things I would like to do if I didn’t have to work full time to pay the bills, things I hope to do after retirement, and things I enjoying doing in what spare time I have now. It’s obviously stuff I enjoy doing, but something I think would grab somebody’s attention enough to include it in an “elevator pitch”? No.

I guess part of my problem is the “sales” concept of an elevator pitch. I don’t like sales. I’m not good at it. Even products that “sell themselves” would sit on a shelf in my inventory because in order for them to sell themselves, you have to tell people about them, and that means finding people to talk to.

Thinking of it as my introduction doesn’t help a whole lot either. I’m uncomfortable when meeting new people. I like watching people, but striking up a conversation? Not. My. Strength. A “hello” and smile is much more my speed. LOL

Are there topics I could run with, get carried away talking about? Yes. I enjoy talking about something as simple as planting certain plants that attract butterflies and bees rather than having a perfect carpet of sod. I could wax eloquent on the amazing power of the brain and how you can use visualization techniques to get your brain to help you create the changes you want. I ramble frequently about what I’ve learned following the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle lifestyle. And any sense of time (or how many pictures I’m taking) is lost when I’m out for a photo day. It wouldn’t surprise me if at least one person out there finds one of those topics interesting as well.

But that doesn’t make it any easier for me to boil it down to a simple paragraph or a couple sentences aimed at engaging someone, making them want to know more.

I don’t have an elevator pitch and have no idea how to come up with one.  If you have suggestions or tips I haven’t looked at, please, lay ‘em on me. Maybe someday one will just click for me. Meanwhile, I’ll just go with my smile approach and let someone else do the talking or stick to rambling about it in writing.  

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